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USB Smart Vibration Switches

The electronic Smart Vibration Switch from IMI Sensors is highly versatile, fully user programmable via USB, low cost and a drop-in replacement for most popular mechanical vibration switches. The Smart Vibration Switch includes an embedded piezoelectric accelerometer for accurate measurement, monitors vibration velocity for more consistent results and provides the reliability not found in mechanical switches. It is a lower cost alternative when single relay action is required vs. higher cost dual relay models.


  • Low cost fully USB Programmable vibration switch that replaces unreliable mechanical vibration switches
  • 2-wire operation uses existing mechanical switch wires
  • Features the accuracy and small footprint of a piezoelectric accelerometer

In addition to being a more reliable device than mechanical vibration switches, the unique Series 686B Smart Vibration Switch is a much lower cost solution for many conventional electronic vibration switch applications as well. The Smart Vibration Switch is a great choice in applications where a single relay provides sufficient protection and/or an overall vibration output (typically 4-20 mA) is not required. Multiple Smart Vibration Switches can be used in series or parallel to monitor several points or machines as necessary. They can also be used in conjunction with external SPST and DPDT relays to increase current capacity or when such relays are required

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