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Mechanical vibration switches

Mechanical switches provide basic protection at a low cost for less critical machinery. These switches are easy to install, do not require power to operate and are the most basic type of vibration switch protection available.

Mechanical switches do not require power and utilize the resistive force and travel of a spring as a measure of vibration amplitude. When the travel of a spring exceeds the predetermined threshold, the switch is actuated and latched by magnetic attraction. The threshold value is adjustable by changing the proximity of the magnet to the spring and hence the spring travel required for actuation. Switch reset is accomplished manually by disengaging the magnet from the spring.


  • Offers cost-effective protection for less critical situations
  • Utilizes spring-loaded, magnetically coupled sensor
  • Provides single set point electromechanical relay
  • Requires no power
  • Weatherproof and explosion proof versions

For machines requiring simplified contact closure protection, mechanical vibration switches offer a cost effective approach to vibration protection. They offer the smallest mechanical switch footprint available in either NEMA 4 or explosion proof housings. The 3-axis protection allows confident, reliable monitoring of small plant equipment in less critical situations, where the precision of an electronic switch isn't necessarily required. Both the weatherproof and explosion proof versions contain manual internal adjustability with an external reset switch for ease of operation.

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