Business- and engineering firm with focus on processinstruments

Summit Electronics

Summit Electronics was founded in 1991. The first 10 years we were housed in Fredensborg, and the next 6 years we spent in Albertslund.

At both addresses, it was mainly the product lines of; MTS linear Transmitters and PMA process instrumentation that drove the business which was handled by 3-4 employees.

At the beginning of 2010, the possibility of expanding the product portfolio and staffing significantly, occurred. This meant that new premises were needed once again with a better warehouse and location logistics.

At Stamholmen 147, Hvidovre, we found 675 m², with an optimum distribution of office, warehouse and workshop. Now in 2015 we are 8 employees who continuously work to strengthen Summit's name in the market and the foundation of the business in general.


Everyone at Summit Electronics has an electromechanical/machine-technical background that allows us to assess and analyze all tasks with a high degree of professional width.

In addition, we all, each in particular, have between 20 and 30 years of experience in dimensioning, advising on and selling process engineering components for Danish industry.

In our product portfolio we also have self-produced products which we export to selected markets around the world.

Maintenance & Service

Our service concept covers the entire trade cycle. As a service degree, we strive to have the "most used" components in stock in Hvidovre.

We are happy to agree on inventory for selected products when our customers are continually in need of deliveries. Of course, we have a lot of products that can naturally not be supplied AB lager, neither from Hvidovre nor from the manufacturer, as these are produced and dimensionated according to customer request.

In general, we perform service on our process instruments, either in the form of commissioning, programming or regular troubleshooting.

In the context of our negotiation of radiometric measurement systems, we are also carrying out the so-called "2-yearly wipe control of closed radioactive sources". This applies to both own and foreign appliances. Summit Electronics is authorized to carry out this check, by the State Institute of Radiation Protection which is the supervising authority of the health agency.


Our goal is to become even more visible in our natural market, and to maintain and strengthen our knowledge of the products we have at every time in our portfolio.

We believe it strengthens the credibility of both our customers and our suppliers that we stick to the things we know about and thereby keep the focus. We'll probably get a little bigger in the next few years, but never so big we don't stay on the ground.

We will maintain our basic idea that all employees at the Summit have direct customer contact, and our simple CRM system will help us to secure our information and general correspondence with all our partners.
Summit Electronics
Is a business- and engineerfirm with focus on processinstruments
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