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Mag-flux A

Magnetic-inductive sensor for a wide range of applications

Our magnetic-inductive sensors (MID) are precision measurement devices and suitable for linear flow measurement of almost all electrically conductive liquids, as well as slurries, pulps and pastes. Thanks to the magnetic field’s properties, these devices can be used for flow speeds up to 10 m/s (32.8 ft/s) and for a minimum conductivity of 20 / 3 µS/cm.

The flow meter consists of a sensor and a corresponding measuring transducer. They are available both in separate and in compact designs.

Operating principle pulsed constant field (DC)
Measuring accuracy¹ error of measurement: ± 0,5 % of MV
repeatability: ± 0,15 % of MV
Liquids min. conductivity: 20 μS/cm (optional 3µS/cm)
min. flow velocity: 0.25 m/s (0.82 ft/s)
max. flow velocity: 10 m/s (32.8 ft/s)
Temperature limits² soft rubber: 0 °C bis +90 °C
hard rubber: 0 °C bis +90 °C
PTFE liner: -20 °C bis +180 °C (16 bar)
Tube materials stainless steel Mat. No. 1.4301
(or better)
Electrodes materials stainless steel Mat. No. 1.4571,
Hastelloy® C4, titanium, tantalum,
platinum, Monel®
Process connections DIN 2501: DN 15 – DN 2000
ANSI B16.5: 1/2" – 24"
AWWA: 4" - 80"
Table: DN 15 – DN 2000

¹ all values are valid from 0.25 m/s - 10 m/s (0.82 ft/s - 32.8 ft/s)

² for PTFE the max. temperatur decreases with increasing pressure

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