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HPH - High Pressure Housing for MTS Temposonics transducers

This High Pressure Housing is ATEX Ex approved for use in hazardous locations with Temposonics position sensors.

The ATEX cover flammable gases, vapors, liquids and dust.

This housing is made to fit Temposonics G-series sensors with analog start/stop outputs, R-series sensors with analog and digital outputs. Both integral cable and connector versions can be used.

When using a standard sensor in this housing, you get a cost efficient solution for use in hazardous locations, which also allows easy sensor replacement.

Several design combinations are available to fit your application:

M18 or 3/4"UNF mounting flange thread - M20 or ½"NPT cable gland thread - long or short top - top-mounted, side-mounted, or dual side-mounted cable glands. See combination chart all parts are made of 316L stainless steel.

The housing is also available in non-approved versions ensuring an outstanding protection to the sensor when used in rugged applications with high humidity and aggressive gases.


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