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Density measurement LB 444

The measuring system LB 444 is used for non-contacting density and concentration measurements of liquids or bulk materials. It is easily installed on existing pipelines without process downtime. The radiometric densitometer is maintenance-free and provides highest operational safety.

LB 444 is available with proven 2-wire technology. It comprises a state of the art evaluation unit, which allows for an easy calibration and operation of the measurement and can also be used as a local display.

The system provides both, an intrinsically safe power supply and output signal. LB 444 is proven-in-use and has also applications in SIL2 graded plants.

Producer: Berthold Technologies
Measuring principle: Radiometrisk
Measure Point: Pipeline
Measuring range:0,1 g/cm3 – delta
Accuracy: ± 1 %
Output: 4…20 mA, HART and BUS

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