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Series AQTI/AQTIP Air Quality Test Instrument Kits

Series AQTI air quality test instruments combine versatile UHH handheld base with various compatible probes and modules.

This versatile combination provides a line of instruments that can streamline a technician’s daily test by combining all in one product. All compatible probes and modules can be customized at any time, and are recognized by UHH handheld basic instrument.

Plug and play allows the user to run through different tests, eliminating the need to switch instruments and remember how to navigate all the different devices from multiple vendors, reducing time and simplifying operation.

Series AQTI Air Quality Test Instruments comes prepackaged in differential pressure, thermometer or thermo-hygrometer probe kits. Additional wired and wireless probes can be ordered separately to create a customized test package that suits your needs.

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