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Concentration measurement LB 566

MicroPolar LB 566 is the latest microwave based online analyzer for the reliable measurement of

  • Dry substance
  • Water content
  • Density (e.g. in g/l or °Bé)

The Microwave Analyzer MicroPolar can be used for various fluids, pastes and powders. The system is favored also for the concentration measurement of suspensions, as the sensor’s robust design ensures high abrasion resistance and a reliable operation for many years. The fields of application are manifold, ranging from the food industry to the wastewater, power generating and chemical industry.
We provide sensor systems for the installation either on pipelines or on vessels and tanks. The High-Dynamic version MicroPolar++ provides an excellent measuring accuracy, even for large pipeline diameters.

Manufacturer: Berthold Technologies
Measuring principle: Microwave
Measure Point: DN50, 65, 80, 100 og 150
Measuring range: 0-100 % TS (or H2O)
Accuracy: ± 0,25 % conc.
Output: 4…20 mA

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