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The SMW 02 is a microprocessor controlled level switch for liquids or pasty and adhesive substances.

  • Empty and full notification in containers
  • Substance monitoring in pipelines for pump protection
  • Level detection of liquids in containers and pipelines


  • Limit switch of the fill level for liquids DK>1
  • Two switching outputs for various media e.g. Foam & Water / CIP & Product / etc.
  • Teaching input for teaching the media
  • Advanced settings, live process monitoring via PC and programming adapter (Optional)
  • Welding socket system with modular process connections and pressure screw connection
  • Defined position of the gland
  • Aseptic measuring point
  • Wetting parts made of peek
  • Partly moulded
  • EHEDG certified, FDA-conformal

Technical specifications:

  • High-grade steel connecting head. Nr. 1,4305
  • Electr. Connection: M16 screwing or M12 plug 5-pole
  • Thread G 1/2” elastomer-free sealing system
  • Sensor heads made of Peek (HPC-Tip No.5)
  • Supply voltage 18...32 VDC
  • Output signal 2 x PNP (standard), NPN or Push-Pull switchable NC / NO invertable via PC
  • Permissible load, 0Ohm, 24VDC, 100mA
  • Response timet < 0,3s
  • ON / OFF delay 0..99.9 sec
  • Ambient temperature -10...+70°C
  • Medium temperature durable 0...+100°C (with neck pipe durable up top 150°C)
  • CIP-/SIP cleaning 0... + 150°C (30 min)
  • Storage temperature -20...+70°C
  • Working pressure 10 bar max (Higher pressures on request)
  • Protection IP68 / IP69K
  • EMC radiation / immunity, EN 6132623 (in closed container)
  • Torque max.: 20 Nm
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