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PrimAtü₁₀ Differenstryktransmitter

Our latest PrimAtü 10 pressure transducer detects minute differential pressures with the highest accuracy. Thanks to its freely selectable pressure ranges and the possibility of connecting various interfaces, the PrimAtü 10 offers maximum flexibility – at an attractive price. Zero offsets and amplitude variations can be easily corrected at the touch of a button. The PrimAtü 10 can be attached either on a profile rail or by means of screws. All installation accessories are included. The PrimAtü 10 has a cover which can be fixed in the open position, spring-loaded terminals and ample space in the terminal compartment for quick and easy connection. And if you order by 12 pm, we will ship the PrimAtü 10 on the next working day.


Measurement range (freely selectable): 0,5 - 1000 hPa
Overall accuracy (FS): 1 % / 2 %
Long-term stability (FS / year): ≤ 0,5 %
Temperature drift (FS / K): ≤ 0,01 %
Supply voltage: 24 VDC / VAC, 230 VAC
Output signal: 0 - 10 V, 0 - 20 mA, 4 - 20 mA
Option: LCD Display; Digital Interface RS485 (Modbus, BACnet)
Protection class: IP54
Installation: Top-hat rail / Threaded fittings
Cable gland: 2 x PG M12 x 1,5; 3 x PG M12 x 1,5; 1 x PG M16 x 1,5
Choice of units: hPa, Pa, mbar, psi
Sensor: Silicon Sensor
Time constant: 0-4000 ms

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